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Finally, Real Canadian Bacon - Peameal Back Bacon Available In USA

RCB Company

TROY, MI Mar 01, 2002

Someone had to do it...bring Real Canadian bacon to the USA. After years of "Canadian-style" bacon and other imitations, you can now have imported USDA-approved Canadian Peameal back bacon delivered to your doorstep. Ask anyone in Canada to describe true Canadian bacon and they respond "peameal bacon". This is premium quality Canadian #1 Peameal bacon and is now available from the REAL Canadian Bacon Company.

What is Real Canadian bacon?

Real Canadian bacon is back bacon, known as "Peameal Bacon" in Canada and was unique to Canada until now. Real Canadian bacon is made from main muscle boneless pork loins, short cut from the leaner portion of the loin to give a more uniform product. External fat is trimmed to within 1/8". It is then sweet pickle cured and rolled in the traditional golden cornmeal coating, giving it the Real Canadian bacon peameal trademark. This is not "Canadian-style" bacon and is vastly different from what is commonly found in the United States. The term "peameal" comes from the ground yellow peas with which the bacon was originally coated. This ensured better curing and shelf life and avoided bacterial problems. Over the years this tradition was changed to cornmeal, due to the availability of corn.

Why is Canadian bacon so famous?

Around the turn of the last century or as they say "during the war years", England had a pork shortage. They imported "side bacon" from Canada, smoked it and termed it "Wiltshire Sides" in England. Due to this event Canadian bacon was made famous. Over time the United States believed that Canadian bacon was smoked back bacon although true Canadian bacon is not smoked. Our Canadian product is classified by the USDA as uncooked Canadian bacon and is Canadian #1 peameal back bacon.

And peameal bacon is healthy for you!

The National Pork Producers Council says, "...the leanest pork as lean as skinless chicken breast, with four grams of fat per serving. A serving of lean pork has 34% less cholesterol than skinless chicken." This product is low in sodium, about 1% sodium per serving.

Ken Haviland, President of RCB Company, says, "I couldn't believe after talking to many of my online customers, that they've sometimes planned trips to Canada just to get peameal bacon and take back to the US. They said there's nothing like Real Canadian bacon and the product that we shipped them was exactly what they expected."

Now for the first time, the REAL Canadian Bacon Company offers authentic product direct from Canada...try some today! Available in the popular sliced style or dinnertime roast, exclusively at

About RCB Company

RCB Company, Troy, MI USA offers top quality Canadian bacon and other unique products from Canada.

         the REAL Canadian Bacon Company RCB Company 55 E. Long Lake Road, Suite 429 Troy, MI. USA 48085-4738 1-866-BACON-01 1-866-222-6601 

Contact: Ken Haviland
Contact Email: Available to BizWiz Members
Contact Tel: 866-BACON-01

Copyrights: Copyright 2002 Internet Wire, All rights reserved.
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