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Register a Company to join BizWiz and add Company URL to the Leading Business Networking Environment and Business Media

Grow with the Internet's Largest Business Network


You and your company can become part of a highly interactive business environment.

By joining BizWiz, you will be part of platform for Business Development that accelerates your ability to succeed at your opportunity.

You will...

     • Promote your company's products, services, and website
     • Publish 'Profiles', News, Articles, and 'Fact Sheets'
     • Widen your access to resources
     • Identify hidden opportunities earlier
     • Respond to Requests for Proposal (RFP's / RFQ's)
     • Continuously expand your knowledge
     • Improve productivity and reduce cost
     • Build Core Competencies into your organization
     • Support Executives and Employees
        across all corporate functions
     • Market Effectively
     • Improve share of market a cost you can afford.

See Managing for Growth and Profit. Start a Company Membership Now..

Business is about CONTACTS and CONTRACTS.

It's simple. Business is about 'contacts and contracts'....getting them, and keeping them. To succeed, you need company competences, marketing, knowledge, skills, and judgement.

BizWiz helps you to increase your contacts, contracts, revenue, and profit.

Through 20 Key Business Modules, you promptly expand your horizons beyond services offered by others.

BizWiz integrates it's Real-Time Marketplace and Resource Network with a suite of mission critical business applications and tools designed to help you achieve your objectives and accomplish your daily tasks.

Our specialized business-to-business services are like magnets attracting people based on their specific business needs and daily business tasks.

Our system puts you at the center of time-sensitive, exclusive content that cuts across all job functions throughout 186 industries, locally and worldwide.

BizWiz technology allows companies to come together in one marketplace where customers can exchange information and eliminate boundaries between verticles — essentially accelerating business processes and transactions right from the participants desktop.

This makes BizWiz a business hub that organizes a diverse business universe, simplifies it, and puts it all in one place.... at your fingertips.

Since 1995, BizWiz, CLICKIT, bportal, Capitalist-Direct, Executive-Direct, and other Rainbow Pages, Inc. services have helped all size companies, to identify their best opportunities; and, to compete more effectively. We provide access to markets and critical business resources using a proven system of integrated services not available through other sources.

Services are segmented by Industry, Job Function, Geography, Daily Business Task, and Strategic Business Development. We offer a searchable knowledgebase filled with experts, solution providers, and support services. You access information, tools, and technologies through it....and you become accessible through it. BizWiz helps you get what you need, when you need it...including matching you for online and offline meetings and introductions.

Increase your Buying Power

Our daily BizWiz inventory update of over 13,000,000 products is the best way to get comparative pricing from participating companies.

Put our Content Machine to work for you.

Members can put time-sensitive content into the system that is important to distribute, and get time-sensitive and archived content out of the system that is important to have.

Locate Experts at your moment of need.

BizWiz is a Connection Engine that lets you reach out to experts and solution providers who can help you with whatever you need....on-demand.

It is the only Business Network connecting participating small, medium, and large companies and business people across all industries, job functions, and locations worldwide through a common content and interactive platform.

Increase and optimize links and visibility.

Through strategic links to major search engines, we help our members to achieve a higher ranking and overall higher presence on the internet.

Start a Company Membership Now

Getting started just takes a few moments.

The Application Form below will begin a fresh account for your company, professional firm, or organization.

When you have completed it, we will immediately generate an email to you which will validate your email account. It will include your username and password. If you do not receive this email, you should call our customer support line at 1-888-Go BizWiz.

Once you have received the email, you will be able to continue with activation of your account, profiling for search engines, and authorizing participation in our services, from your BizWiz Member Control Panel.

If you are interested in an individual membership, or you are an employee of a member company, you should use Individual or Employee Registration procedures. For best results, "Solo" Professionals should use the form below for a ProBizWiz membership. This will treat your DBA as a Company Member.


Basic Accounts start at $5.00 per month. If you are self employed, an individual business person, non-incorporated, freelance, talent, you should begin your account with Individual Membership

Company Membership, Professional Firm, Solo Professional, or Government Agency — with password access for five people in your company, RFP services, EZ Commerce service, LOGO, and PROMOTIONAL SUPPORT — starts at $16.00 per month. Once you complete Set-up, you will then be able to create your own service package based on your specific needs and objectives. Set-up fees apply.


ALL items are required to establish an account.

This is a simple, fast form registration so that we can confirm your email, and get your company record started.

If you are an Executive, Business Owner, Manager, or Employee of a company or firm that is not yet a member, and you are authorized to start a Company Account, start the registration process below. Designate yourself or another person as the Administrator of this account.

If you are an Employee of a company or firm that is not yet a member, and you are not authorized to start a Company Account, start the registration process below. Simply select "I will designate someone else to be the Administrative Manager".

If you are an Employee of an EXISTING Company Member or Professional Firm Member, you should establish your record with us at Employee Registration procedures. You will need your EmployerID code. Your account will then be authorized by the Administrator.

If you are an Individual [Self-Employed, non-incorporated, Freelance, Talent, or Individual only], please start you registration at the form for Individual Members.

NOTE: Please use proper upper and lower case for all of your entries in BizWiz forms. It is important to the image of your company among our participants.

If you are concerned about the security of the information being submitted, please use Secure Server for BizWiz

Application Form for Company Membership, Professional Firm, Solo Professional, or Government Agency
Type of Membership:     Select one
Please select the type of relationship
you would like to start.


Start a Company Membership

Start a Professional Firm Membership

Solo ProBizWiz Membership
     (Treats your account as a Professional Firm)

Association, Society, or other Organization Membership
     (Provide offers to YOUR organization's members)

Federal, State, Municipal Government Agencies


Salutation:     Select one


Mr.     Ms.     Dr.     Atty.


Certified Professionals only:
Enter suffix defining your certification
such as CPA, PH.D., MD, Esq, RHCE

First Name:

Last Name:
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State / Province:
Zip / Postal Code:
USER NAME (Case Sensitive):
PASSWORD (Case Sensitive):


In case you need to have us retrieve your record, please give us your pet's name, or mother's maiden name, or the name of your favorite high school teacher.

Administrative Manager:
Select one

If you are not going to be the Administrative Manager for this account, responsible for billing, updates, employee authorizations, etc, please indicate a person on the next page. That person will be notified.


I will be the Administrative Manager.


  I will designate someone else to be the Administrative Manager.

I will designate this person's name and email address on the NEXT page.


Please submit a brief description of your company. This will be included in a presentation of your company to other members and participant-users of our services.

If you have special needs and requests, please let us know how we can help. You may, if you wish, submit your objectives for joining BizWiz; or how you would like to have it work for you. THIS IS STRICTLY FOR INTERNAL USE AND WILL NOT BE PRESENTED TO OTHERS, EXCEPT YOUR DESIGNATED Administrative Manager.

It may be useful to give us a brief description of your company, or provide instructions to your designated Administrative Manager.

Live your BEST Life™
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Rainbow Pages, Inc. is a Media, Communication, Information, and Transaction company operating on the internet serving millions of people globally.

The company creates and manages technology and tools in order to make its own web services available to companies, business people, professionals, and consumers.

To join BizWiz, go to How to Register as a Company Member.

If you want to represent BizWiz as a BizWiz REP, go to our BizWiz REPS site. It is easy to get started.

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