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====================Saturday June 20 2009 at 01:8:36 AM EST

Sub Centers of Riyadh

Joint Venture with International Construction Company

Company or Government Agency making the request:
Al-Mozaini Real Estate & Investment Company

Budgeted by our Company or Government Agency:
We just want preliminary information from interested vendors.

Category of your needs.
Other An international construction company specialized in Infrastructure &Developments, Hotels and Residential& Commercial Areas,……etc

Brief description of current products or services:
Al-Mozaini Real Estate & Investment Company main businesses are marketing of real estate products, real estate estimation, developing the infrastructure of lands, short & long term investments of real estate projects, developing pure lands, and speculation. Its main office in Saudi Arabia, city of Riyadh. We are growing very fast for the last couple of years and therefore we became one of the biggest real estate companies in the region. One of the huge Projects in Middle East which currently under running by our Company is “Sub Centers of Riyadh” that its total value between (2.7 up to 4 Billion USD) in US Dollars $.

General description of needs:
Joint Venture with International Construction Company

Specifications or Special Requirements:

Date proposals are needed:

URL for more information

Expire date for this Request for Bid:

Willing to pay a fee for professional assistance:
No, we are not willing to pay a fee for professional assistance.

  • Contact:
    Sulaiman Al-Ghumaiz
    Al-Mozaini Real Estate & Investment Company
    Team Leader
    Post Box No : 105236 Riyadh – 11646 K.S.A
    Riyadh, 11646 Saudi Arabia
    Tel: +966504285305
    Fax: +966 1 208 6167
    Email: ssghumaiz@al-mozaini.com
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