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RusMilibandSmith Photos
Rus Miliband & Smith Logo
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First Name:Rus Miliband
Last Name:and Smith
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Description:Widely respected in California law circles, the firm of Rus, Miliband & Smith is a leading provider of legal services to corporations, institutional lenders, and some of the state’s most prominent individuals. Specializing in litigation and bankruptcy law, Rus, Miliband & Smith represents the pinnacle of ability in the courtroom, and has been featured in the Los Angeles Daily Journal, the Los Angeles Times, and the New York Times.

Considered some of the finest litigators in California, Rus, Miliband & Smith attorneys have held leadership positions with numerous important legal organizations, such as the California State Bar Board of Governors, the Orange County Bar Association, the Orange County Bankruptcy Forum, and the Desert Bar Association, among many others.

The expert attorneys of Rus, Miliband & Smith take their cue from members Ronald Rus, Joel Miliband, and Randall Smith. Each of these members brings significant experience and ability to his position, having received individual honors for his legal expertise. Specifically, Ronald Rus’ peers named him one of the Best Lawyers in the United States for 2006, 2007, and 2008; Joel Miliband served as Vice President of the State Bar of California and President of the Orange County Bar Association, among other positions; and Randall Smith served as the Director of the Commercial Law and Bankruptcy Section of the Orange County Bar Association.

Additionally, Joel S. Miliband was named a 2006 Super Lawyer of Southern California and is a member of the Judicial Council of California, one of the most prestigious appointments in the legal community. Ronald Rus and Joel Miliband have also both been selected by the Central District federal judges as representatives to the 9th Circuit Judicial Conference.
Link Trade:No
Country:United States
Description View
Job Title:Bankruptcy & Litigation Lawyers
Company Name:Rus, Miliband & Smith
Company City:Irvine
Company State:CA
Company Country:United States
Company Web Site:
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