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schwellingrecruitingservices: Schwelling Recruiting Services
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George C. Schwelling
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4 October, 2008 Jobs / Executive $200,000+ 0 comments
President/Executive Office Manager I may be able to get you an interview for a high paying management opportunity with a... Read more
4 October, 2008 Jobs / Executive $100,000-$200,000 0 comments
If you are out of work, I can put you to work right away one way or another. Respond to this email and/or call me if you want... Read more
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First Name:George
Last Name:Schwelling
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Headline:Schwelling Recruiting Services
Description:President/Executive Office Manager

Please let me know if you would like to interview for a high paying executive position. I represent an executive recruiting firm that is seeking high level executives to manage offices for them near where you live. We are looking for managers not recruiters. Recruiters tend to do all the work themselves whereas managers grow large offices!

To be considered for this position, you must have earned $100k or more and be financially stable . The firm I recruit for is actually an executive recruiting firm headquartered out of Chicago and it is one of the largest firms in the industry and one of the fastest growing firms in the country.

If you check out any executive recruiting firm in the country with 5 or more recruiters, most of the owners of these offices will be earning about $500k a year.
We are not looking for recruiters but, rather, managers to manage offices. So, almost any executive who has some sales/management work experience can qualify to run one of these offices. Engineers and technical people make good managers

The trick to get you accepted by my client firm is to get you to agree to fly out to Chicago at your own expense for an interview

· Nothing happens with this firm until you have a face to face meeting!

If you do my client firm meets you more than half way because they pick up the limo expense of getting you to and from the airport to their home office and they pay for the hotel bill. You will spend a day getting to know my client firm and have dinner with the CEO.

What is the big deal of being accepted?

· Well, if you are accepted, the company provides the financing to help you set up an office near where you live and with 3 weeks of training at the home office plus even more training locally to help you get as many as 5 or more recruiters up and running,

You can begin to earn a good living in a few short months and begin paying back the financing a little bit each month over time.

· The company will even come out to where you live to find a good office space and negotiate the lease for you. Then you go to the home office for 3 weeks of training to become an expert in knowing how to get recruiters, how to manage them, how they get job listings and how to do split business with all of the other offices in the system.

While you are in training, they go to your office to set up desks, chairs, credenzas, copiers, fax machines, state of the art telephone systems, computers and they even install all of their proprietary soft ware for you so you are ready to go as soon as you are out of training.

Our recruiting firm has been representing this firm for over 4 years and I can tell you that many of our candidates are earning $500k a year and some are now earning close to or more than $1M a year while others are satisfied to stay small with just a couple of recruiters and are happy earning $150k or more so I am satisfied that what I am doing works for me as well as my candidates. When you meet one of the officers of this company who has been in the business for over 30 years, he will tell you that many of his candidates have since retired and sold their businesses for millions of dollars—

· One in the Pacific Northwest sold his business a few years ago for nearly $9M!

So it pays to take the time and put in the hard work to build a business that can become a cash cow and can be sold some day for a lot of money.

We do not have any candidates that have ever come back to us saying that they were sorry that we put them with this firm !

Peak performers are awarded an all expense paid trip to Cancun or some other vacation place for two every year.

I do not have the time to chase after you to see if you want to interview for this position but if you do, reply to this email to let me know that you are interested, I will get back to you with some more detailed information as what you need to do to get an interview.

If you are a qualified candidate, I can get you an interview within the next week or two.
Please send me your resume and a number where I can contact you .


George C. Schwelling

George C. Schwelling

Executive Recruiter

Schwelling Recruiting Services

Silver Spring, MD

301 585 3945

Toll free: 866 305 2952

Company Internet Objectives:I am trying to reach CEOs or chairman of boards that are seeking high level executives to help run their companies. Most of my candidates are seeking salaried jobs but many will work on a sweat equity basis while some will consider investing in a company they would run.
Link Trade:Yes
City:Silver Spring
Description View
Job Title:Owner/Executive Recruiter
Company Name:Schwelling Recruiting Services
Company City:Silver Spring
Company State:MD
Company Country:USA
Industry Served:Employment
Company Web Site:
BizWiz EZ Commerce Site:
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  • By Anonymous 1843 Days Ago
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