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SALESJOBS-DIRECT™ provides a leading service which confidentially matches Top level Sales people with job opportunities, provides confidential networking capability for candidates with incomes between $50,000 and $200,000, and assists companies and recruiters with Human Resource functions.

SALESJOBS-DIRECT is a high utility service specializing in the CONFIDENTIAL identification and matching of top job candidates with top sales jobs in 186 Industries.

Areas of this service use encryption to protect transmission of confidential information. The Secure Server Certificate is issued to Rainbow Pages, Inc., owner of this service, BIZWIZ.COM and CLICKIT.COM

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SalesJobs-Direct focuses on top paying sales jobs in 186 industries, across all career areas, worldwide. Jobs are submitted directly by corporations, by recruiters, BizWiz members, CAPITALIST-DIRECT members, other SalesJobs-Direct members, and by our network of affiliates.

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Sales people in all industries are eligible to join as participants. Incomes over $25,000 per year are standard.. Participation is strictly confidential. Confidential Accounts are permited.

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Recruiters and other Professionals who assist corporations and individuals are welcome members of SalesJobs-Direct. Special services are organized to permit fee sharing co-operative referrals between professional participants.

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Corporations can participate and submit profiles for review by participants as well as submit career needs and requirements to be distributed to individuals and recruiters / professionals.

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Networking is a collections of services that enable members to get connected. It includes the ability to use BizWiz Member's Only Networking, and Capitalist-Direct's XtraNetworking.

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TALENT-DIRECT is for All Talent, All Industries, Worldwide.

TALENT-DIRECT is a series of services and databases to bring talented people together with agencies, corporations, investors, and others who actively seek the creative and technical skills of these people for freelance and full-time work worldwide. Individuals are available directly and through employer assignments.

Individual Talent | Agency and Corporate | Professional Services

Special Reports

SG COWEN Report: Business-to-business e-Commerce
For investors and analysts, "too late" is easy to gauge. The tape tells you that. But when is "early" early? That decision may have more to do with art than science, but investors that have identified phase changes in enterprise applications early on and invested in the newer platforms have done well. Over the past 30 years.... (SG Cowen ) For a copy of this 115 page report, include your mailing address in an email with Subject as PLEASE SEND SG COWAN REPORT to: BizWiz.

Corporate NewsNet™ Headline News Recruitment
...More Industry Targeted News at Each of BizWiz 192 services.
Including Regular Newswire Updates from Internet Wire

==============Sunday January 25 2015 at 05:11:29 AM EST

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Otherwise Incorporated Merges Online and Offline Branding for Online Travel Leader Orbitz
Strategic Design Firm Integrates Key Components From Multi-Million Dollar "Destination: Orbitz" TV Campaign With an Online Presence
AMI-Partners' Study Shows Indian Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) Spent $2.5 Billion on IT/Telecom Last Year
More Than 450,000 SMBs Have PCs and 180,000 Have Internet Access, Providing a Large Base for Rapid IT Growth
Technology Adoption and Usage Are Limited to Basic Applications and Internet Access, and Spending Lags Behind Other Asian Countries Such as China and South Korea
DISC, Inc. Announces New Blue Laser-Based, Ultra Density Optical (UDO) Storage
Seamlessly Mix UDO and MO Drives in Existing DISC Orion Series Libraries
Lumenos Wins a Triple Crown of Awards at Consumer-Driven Health Care Conference
Innovative Company Takes Home Three Awards Including Prestigious "Best of Show" Award
New Spectrem Group Perspective Will Investigate Affluent Investor Reactions to the End of the War in Iraq
Will the Conclusion of the War Bring the Affluent Investor Back Into the Market?
Grant Thornton's Human Resource Group Retains Wanted Technologies to Enhance Offerings to Human Capital Market
Commodore Applied Technologies, Inc. Reports: Year End 2002 Results, Brewer Loan Conversion to Equity, Company's Operational Offices Move to Hanford, Washington, and Appointment of O. Mack Jones to President and C.O.O. of the Company
Alpes Corretora Celebrates Agreement With Lopes Filho & Associados to Provide Brazilian-Based Research to U.S. Financial Firms
Four Mountains, Inc. Announces Health News Breakthrough: Illness Banished by Cracking the Wholistic Code
Scitex Digital Printing's Nachum "Homi" Shamir Winner of On Demand Pioneer Award
Cygnus' Print On Demand Magazine Honors Print On Demand Pioneer Award Winners
MJM Investigations Assists in Recovery of $14,000,000 in Court Ordered Restitution
CTI Group Reports FY 2002 Results
Henry Davis York Selects Solution 6 to Support Growth
CMS OPEN Supports Vision and Growth for Prominent Australian Firm
Integrated Software Development Focuses on Growing Market for SME Resource Software
Company to Leverage Experience and Customer Base to Expand Into New Markets
Top Ranked Religious Website Now in Book Form
Newburyport Firm Solicits Budget Balancing Ideas From Commonwealth's Citizens
Brainstorming Session Scheduled for May 3rd in Newburyport
Group Management Corp: Hearing to Reject Funders Contract Continued
Permeo Technologies Expands Management Team
Addition of Veteran Vice President of Marketing, Andrew Morbitzer, and Director of Product Management, Bill Nelson
Sterling Commerce Partners With Advanced Data Exchange to Enhance Community Building Services Posts Stock Watch List: Market Moving Earnings Announcements!
NOTE TO EDITORS: The Following Is an Investment Opinion Being Issued by Peter Antipatis of Capital Research Group Inc., a Member of the National Association of Securities Dealers, CRD Number 2955420.

The Catalyst Group
is a specialist in mergers and acquisitions for mid-sized information technology and telecommunications companies

Check Here to Send Request for Proposal

Actrade Capital
offers Unsecured financing for the business-to-business community through its Trade Acceptance Draft Program (TAD)

Check Here to Send Request for Proposal

( "Proposal Requests" are restricted to Registered Members of Capitalist-Direct)

Actrade Capital Actrade Capital offers Unsecured Business Financing up to $50 million

Independent Business Network - 300,000+ companies

BizWiz is the premier Independent Business Network and resource marketplace for 185 industries. It was established 6 years ago STRICTLY for businesses and professional people using the internet. Today, there are over 300,000 member companies that are plugged into our system. BizWiz provides them with a suite of services to help them improve their flow of commerce. It is a desktop marketplace fully integrating all business-to-business activity...... designed to organize information for the user and simplify access.

The BizWiz Network is a highly interactive business environment that connects you with other businesses.


Join TravelerMatch™

Introductions and Arrangements for Business Meetings Worldwide

Increasing your circle of business contacts and networking is one of the most important business skills.

You can create a simple travel itinerary. Then the TravelerMatch service will introduce and arrange business meetings for you with people in various BizWiz services who are located in your destination cities.
Create a Profile
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Business, Industry, & Professional Resouce Directory

The purpose of this service is to provide you with direct access to resouces provided by BizWiz™ members across 8,000+ Sub-Categories within 185 industry and professional sectors. It also provides you with quick tools to REQUEST INFORMATION or submit a detailed REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL. Resources can be searched Globally and Locally.

Capitalist-Direct for Capital Seekers and Capital Sources

Capitalist-Direct™ is THE FIRST Service to identify and introduce Capital Seekers and Capital Sources across EVERY type of financing applied by businesses and institutions today. It brings Worthwhile Investment and Business Opportunities together with the people and companies that invest and provide critical services. All Industries, All Markets, Worldwide

Provides entrepreneurs with a simplified template to create a Quick Business Plan.. Offers Pre-Applications for single submission to multiple Banks, VCs, and other financial institutions. Registered Intermediaries, Business Brokers, and professionals can incvrease deal flow and share in success fees.


TALENT-DIRECT is a series of services and databases to bring talented people together with agencies, corporations, investors, and others who actively seek the creative and technical skills of these people for freelance and full-time work worldwide. Individuals are available directly and through employer assignments.

Items presented on this page are neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation of an offer to buy any investment. Any offering is made by prospectus only in states which have authorized the sale of any particular offering and only from securities dealers who may lawfully offer the particular security in such states. This is a membership service for news and article information exchange between particpants under the Terms of Use.

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